Tendai Marowa: An Elegant Creative Dynamite

Tendai Marowa is one of my favorite Zimbabwean bloggers. Rightfully so I must say. She is the founder of The Legacy Of True Beauty and is creating her own mark in the fashion world. Miss Shortie was ZIWA blogger of the year in 2015, and holds a few pageant accolades to her name. Tendai Marowa is also a brand ambassador for South Africa’s Vicsion Lingerie Designs. One thing is definite, Tendai is putting Zim women on the map and she is #winning whilst at it.

Tendai Marowa

I think you get the idea, Tendai is a walking brand and is building her empire one outfit and article at a time. We first met years ago and she has the most gorgeous soul I tell you. I was taking care of my mum just before she passed on so I was cranky and irritable but this girl though was the most loving person ever. I adore her and I am such a fan of hers. Below is all the inside info into Tendai’s creative world.

Tendai Marowa

On Blogging:

My blogging journey started with my passion for writing and being inspired by other writers stories. I then decided to use my blog as a platform to share stories from others that real people can relate to. I believe every person has a voice and we can learn something from each other and be impacted by it ..We are our own storytellers.

Biggest Challenge in the Fashion Blogging World

Be authentic

Everyone is trying to be a fashion blogger and there is no authenticity. Most people want to do the same things using the same techniques. So it is vital that you brand yourself as a unique entity.

Any professional help when she started blogging

The Legacy of True Beauty, started with just me. It is now branded as platform that accommodates a variety of bloggers to write what they want and share their stories.  Malebo Moloto who is also passionate about writing joined the legacy of true beauty in early 2014 and helped build TLOTB.

Building a Strong and Distinct Brand In a Foreign Country

I would need to write a book and tell the whole story about my journey. It has never been easy. Some people think that I have it easy because of the celebrities I know or the brands I am affiliated with, but that is not the case. At the core of my story I am just a girl who had a dream and wanted to make that dream happen. It happened in a foreign country and here I am. Still a work in progress. I am not a distinct brand yet. I am building on a solid foundation and working towards establishing my brand into new elements .

Advice for people who want to make money from blogging

If you want to make money from blogging you need to think about what you want to sell to the public. A Product? Clothing ? Food or Advertising other people’s brands. The main key is conducting research first on what others are doing and then asking yourself what can you can bring to the table that is different from  the rest . Be specific about your target market and audience.

On Fashion:

My fashion inspiration changes. I love a diverse range of women who are confident and are setting their own trends regardless of their age. To mention a few, Victoria Beckham has been my old time favorite, Solange ,  the new 2017 Kim kardashian , Olivia Palermo and Linda Rodin (beauty Icon)

Tendai’s personal style and first style icon  

My first style Icon is Victoria Bekcham and still is to date. My personal Style is Edgy (sometimes ) with a touch of sexy and elegance .

Brand Ambassador for Vicsion Lingerie Designs. Lingerie tips for women.

I have always been a girl who loves lace and feeling sexy. The type of underwear you pick has to boost and compliment you so that you feel confident. It is not just about your clothes or outerwear. I am that woman who is specific about her underwear, it has to match with the clothes I put on. Lace lace lace and more lace ..No granny underwear haha I don’t even own a pair of pyjamas ..ha ha ha!

5 Key staples every lady should have in their closet

Black classic dress, Jeans, Classical white shirt, Statement coat or jacket is a must have, Great pair of heels (always) and Lingerie of course, a few sexy pieces are always needed.

Tendai Marowa’s current fashion obsessions

Jeans, Prints, Winter maxi dresses, Oversize t-shirts, Classic shirts with dramatic sleeves or an edgy feel too it, and Plain ball caps for those bad hair days



Tendai Marowa


Tendai is a go-getter. Watching her journey has been amusing. She goes for what she wants and her love for people blows my mind. I know her story is still unfolding and and I am excited for her future. Nothing in life is ever easy. As a woman, it empowers me when other women break the ceiling.  Continue to rise and soar Miss Shortie.

Photo Credits: Linda Mniki

Instagram @lioli_mniki








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