Define Your Own Sexy

So I am about to wrap up my Sat and its just about the perfect time for a perfect glass of wine before I turn in. But wait, some music right? So the music is the reason why I am writing this blog. Asahd Khaled has to be the cutest baby on earth guys, Lord bless my ovaries, I cant deal!  Anyway back to my song, Riri and Dj Khaled’s track is on and I cant help but be inspired. Rihanna is dope yoll. That girl is goals and don’t ever ask me to choose between her and #Yonce, nah I’m not about that life.

Rihanna has a small frame,that a fact! But girl works with what she’s got. She embraces her inner sexy and is not ashamed to show the whole world. I post into a social texting group about how i just feel empowered by how she carries herself and her sexy. All the guys start talking about how she could wear rags and totally pull it off, now ain’t that the truth. She is so in touch with herself and her body is amazing, you got to love her. So here’s what i learnt from Riri on how to embrace and define my own sexy.

Love the body you are in

Rihanna has had minor surgeries and I am sure it has all been to enhance what she’s already got as opposed to being a whole new sexual being. The typical African girl has huge curves and guess what Rihanna’s frame is not built in that way and neither is my body. On any given day you will find her in body hugging clothes that make her more than average, and she owns it. She has more than enough money in the bank to pay for a Nicki kinda butt but home-girl clearly is not about to do that.

Own Your Attitude

Rihanna oozes of confidence and is not afraid to have that on display. I find that sexy. She knows what works for her body and she works with it. I know one thing tho, I don’t have to wear the same clothes she wears. All I need to figure out is what works for me and voila I will be owning my sexy too. Its okay to choose a part of your body you are most confident with and flaunt it. Wrists, neck or feet, guess what if you own it then your attitude will reflect your sexy too.

Being Brave Is Sexy

A job I had for almost 3 years was for a high-street fashion brand and I loved it. The fashion is edgy and just goes beyond the standard limits. Moving back home was a bit tricky because most of the clothes in my closet now aren’t exactly in the alley of Zim fashion. Well thank God for inspiration from Riri, I have learnt that its okay to go against the grain and be your own person. Rihanna wears what she wants and is not apologetic about it. Fashion critics would have a field day and she won’t be phased by it. It doesn’t matter what people say about her, shes not going to give them the satisfaction of getting a response. So on the journey to defining your own sexy its okay for you to do you boo and wear your brave on your  sleeve while at it.

That’s about enough wine for today and I hope you learn that the African body stereotype should not phase you. Be your own kind of sexy and embrace your body. Well before I go a word from Asahd..

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  1. Pearl

    July 19, 2017 at 4:57 pm

    Haha I like your angle of attack ma’am. True talk, know what works for your body and own it. Problem is when you force yourself into trends that aren’t designed for your body type – surely can be catastrophic lol. Preach sister 🙂

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